Charles Fadel, Founder and Chairman, Center for Curriculum Redesign

" In my 30+ years of technology then education career, I have met no more  than 5 individuals who concentrate a wide range of analytical  capabilities and extensive broad knowledge.  Merrilea is definitely such  a rare person I was lucky to work with, while I was at Cisco first and  now at my Center.  I have also much enjoyed her collegiality and willingness to offer  cogent advice, and I look forward to continue working with her for years  to come, for both business and social impact."

Jamai Blivin, Founder and CEO of Innovate+Educate

"Dr. Mayo provided incredible expertise to Innovate+Educate both as a  nonprofit starting up and as the organization grew in capacity,  expanding from a New Mexico driven nonprofit to a national nonprofit.   Her leadership brings a diverse skill set that any organization would  benefit from - from strategy to design to research to implementation. "