Sample Projects

Skills-to-Job Hiring Portal

  • After locating a database that linked test scores in 5 core skills to job performance across hundreds of jobs,  we worked with Monster to build this unique job board to our specifications.  With it, jobseekers could locate and apply for jobs based purely on test scores that demonstrated their competence, regardless of prior experience, degree, or pedigree. This portal was a part of Innovate+Educate's skills-based hiring initiative that eventually soared to national attention and a brief mention on  The Monster job board was eventually replaced with an internally designed and controlled website that provided the same functions.

New Non-Profit Organization

  • Motivated by the intensely frustrating delays universities and companies experienced when negotiating intellectual property agreements, we worked with Susan Butts (then of Dow) and Robert Killoren (then of Penn State) to build an organization that could bring together both sides of the university-industry divide in a non-toxic, fruitful working relationship.  We wrote the business plan and founding documents, raised the financing, established (with substantial volunteer assistance) the initial membership base, drafted the proposal for governance structure, negotiated the necessary administrative linkages with the National Academies, and – in short – stood up the University Industry Demonstration Partnership (UIDP).  The UIDP's first task was to construct TurboNegotiator, a software tool to suggest and explain contract language clauses based on the needs and constraints of both parties. Forty-five universities, 15 companies, and 3 foundations/agencies were dues-paying members at launch in December, 2006.  Now at 143 member companies and universities.  

Science Museum Exhibit

  • Simultaneously satisfying the need for the Materials Research Society to furnish its new lobby, and to educate the public about materials science, we worked with designer Tom Rockwell to build this room-sized exhibit showcasing hands-on materials science experiences.  The concept was sufficiently well received by the MRS Board that MRS launched a larger travelling exhibit.  That exhibition, Strange Matter, was designed and fabricated by the Ontario Science Center.  It has now been touring 14 years, with commissioned stops in science museums across North America and Asia.  Check out these two videos to experience the exhibit:  Strange Matter Experience and Quebecois Ad for Strange Matter.